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Andrea Guardino
Andrea Guardino
Freelance Illustrator/Cover Artist
Milan, Italy


Born in 1988, he lives in Milan where he works as a Freelance Artist.
has collaborated and collaborated with various publishers in Italy mainly in the role-playing and comics sectors such as No Lands Comics, Manfont, Tin Hat Games, Wyrd Editions, Ares Games, Serpentarium and Need Games, on covers, illustrations and concept art.
Member of Mana Project Studio, main artist of Journey to Ragnarok and Norse Grimoire


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    • Board & Card Games
      Journey To Ragnarok - Adventure and Setting for 5e
    • Year
    • Role
      Main Artist, cover artist, character designer, concept artist
    • Company
      Mana Project Studio


  • Freelance Illustrator / Character Design at NEED GAMES
    MIlan, Italy
    January 2017 - Present

    Publishing house of Role Playing and Board Games founded by Nicola DeGobbis in 2017.

    Our goal is to change the culture of the game in Italy, promoting the Organized Game and involving all the different age groups, because only by playing you never stop playing!

  • Freelance Illustrator / Character Design at Wyrd Edizioni
    Milan, Italy
    January 2016 - September 2018

    Wyrd Edizioni publishes RPG and games in general, on an exclusive license or of its production, since 1990.

    He is also publishing third parties on important lines of RPG and publishing in general

  • Freelance Illustrator / Character Design at No Lands Comics
    Milan, Italy
    August 2015 - January 2019

    We are a horde of nerds, geeks and gamers who have decided to share their passion for Fantasy through the world of the No Lands. From Italy to Spain, gliding through the Netherlands and teleporting to the Philippines, the No Landers are a big family with a group Quest: Bringing Legends into Reality.

  • freelance character Design at Clockwork Paladin
    Milan, Italy
    January 2012 - January 2014

    ClockWork Paladin Miniatures is a company of artists willing to create unique, fascinating miniatures for painters and gamers

  • Co- Founder / Illustrator - Cover Artist at The Evil Company
    Milan, Italy
    October 2010 - Present

    The Evil Company is a creativity group that brings together a wide range of artists: illustrators, cartoonists, writers, actors, dubbers, sculptors and more. Our goal is to propose ourselves for what we do best and that most fascinates us. Bring to life our or your project is our ultimate goal.

    Why just "The Evil Company"? The name was born from a fantastic adventure that we created back at the beginning of 2010. The main characters are these cruel people working together to carry out their despicable plans. We took inspiration from that for the name of our creativity group. We are not really evil, but we are willing to do anything to reach our goal in a world that most of the time seems like an evil monster ready to devour you.

    To fight it we give it tit for tat, as well as professionalism, talent and a lot of will to get involved.

  • Freelance Character Design / Cover Artist at Ventura GDR
    Milan, Italy
    January 2010 - January 2013

    Ventura is a role-playing game